Overtraining and Overwhelmed

I feel as if I am coming from a place of deficit when it comes to my business.
I haven’t signed a new client in over two months – after making 20 offers.

I have signed up for several trainings – email list builder, funnels, etc.
And I feel that I am overtraining and not making enough offers or reaching as many people as I can right now

Here are some models, I am running currently:

C = Growing my business
T = I need more training in order to grow my business
F = Overwhelmed by how many trainings I signed up for
A = Struggling to keep up
R = Only doing the trainings half way and not getting the results I want.

Another model is:
C = Growing my business
T = I’m signing up for training to learn more, increase my reach, and make more offers
T = These things take time. I need to study consistently to help me grow my business.
F = Curiosity – what do I get to learn?
A = Do the trainings
R = Implement the actions and see what results I get

How do you suggest I enter the model rather than coming from the C line to help me decrease the overwhelm and frustration I’m having?
Would I be better served by coming from the A or the R line?