Overwhelm with finding clients / balancing workload

Hi coaches,

I’m feeling overwhelmed at the moment! I’m currently in the AC Track and also in Stacey Boehman’s 2k course. I’m also working fulltime 9-5 in marketing. I want to build my coaching business and get clients (I currently have one). I’ve come up with a lot of ideas for reaching people but I feel like I’m trying to do it all and failing:

I have ideas for how to get clients:
– Posting on Instagram x 3 a week
– Posting on Facebook x 3 a week
– Filming and posting Instagram stories
– Engaging with people in Facebook groups
– Create a Facebook and Instagram ad
– Posting my Facebook posts in Facebook groups as value
– Creating a free webinar
– Researching and reaching out to podcasts to be a guest speaker
– Reach out to local cafes to offer free talks
– Local networking events (online)

C: Goal to reach new clients / book consults
T: If I don’t do all of these things I’m never going to be a success
F: Overwhelm / stress
A: Spend time planning my calendar and don’t allow enough time for everything, beat myself up for not doing more, spin in head about needing to get clients, doubt whether I’m doing enough, don’t do models or manage my mind (because I believe I don’t have time), look for evidence that it’s not working, get some things done but feel very scattered
R: I create stress and stand in my own way of becoming a success