I am a tutor for children who struggle with literacy or have dyslexia. I put out 3 free classes and taught them on Zoom. They were fine but not brilliant – I had not taught a group on Zoom before- however parents gave me good feedback. This was massive action for me. Now I am freaking out about advertising for the next group of lessons I want people to pay for. I feel under pressure to get it out soon before the summer holidays or before children go back to school or does it matter if I don’t manage to? I am having to learn how to upload videos on my website, film high quality videos, think about the content that will help my pupils the most, write a curriculum, work out how people can pay, learn to navigate Facebook (!) etc etc Every time I learn one new (technical) thing on the Internet or from a youtube video it seems like I need to learn another. Do I just need to do a thought download and just pick one thing and work on it? I have so many negative thoughts coming up I don’t know which to do a model on.