Overwhelmed and ashamed.

Hi Coach,

I feel completely overwhelmed by the state of the country after the death of George Floyd. I realize that, as a white, middle-class, woman, feeling overwhelmed is a very small price to pay. I feel as though I’m stuck because I am now understanding all the incredible work I need to do on myself about racism. Because of this I feel paralyzed in my business and haven’t really gotten anything done in the past few days, which is very unlike me as I’m a goal-oriented person. I just keep scrolling through Instagram, reading the news, and trying to figure out what I can do and what I can post about to support this movement. At the same time, I feel very unqualified to speak on race in any capacity. In short, I feel like I’m not making any impact in my business or in my pursuit to become anti-racist and instead, stuck in indecision. Do you have any advice for me for getting out of my head and into action? Thank you!