Panic attack vs calm

Hi there,

Due to the COVID-19 lock down and business disruption, I have had to conduct a staff restructure which has included some redundancies. I am currently rolling out new employment agreements and meeting with some resistance from the employees with regard to the new terms/ reduced hours/ reduced wages etc. This is despite having gone through a lengthy and to the book consultation process with them and they have agreed to the restructure and advised they understood it.

Now that we are back open, I am personally fully booked with clients and I am feeling frustration that I now have to dedicate time to readdressing their agreements and clarifying their queries. I do have the support of an HR company so I am utilising them as much as I can.

Having woken this morning to emails from staff with all these queries and negativity, I am feeling panicked. heart racing, mind is spinning, tearful. This is not usual for me and I have felt really in control up until now.

Last night I listed the 5 feelings I want to feel routinely about my business;

1. Calm
2. Controlled
3. Confident
4. Systematic
5. Passionate

The thoughts I came up with last night that I thought I need to have to be able to achieve these ‘on purpose’ feelings are

1. I know what I am doing ( this doesnt feel like a useful thought to me this morning)
2. The right systems are in place ( I do have the systems and advice from the HR company so know I am carrying this process out correctly)
3. This business is my creation ( I am proud of what I have achieved )
4. I choose to take the ‘master’approach ( I am not feeling like a master employer right now, rather a raving lunatic!)
5. My business allows me to educate clients and improve their quality of life ( This is true)

My unintentional model having opened the employees emails this morning is

C Staff have not signed the new employment agreements and they need to be signed within 3 days before the new roster/ work environment comes into effect
T Staff are not happy
F Overwhelm
A Racing heart, feel dizzy, feel shaky, brain is spinning, I can’t think clearly,
Take deep breaths, emailed my HR company for support and advice. booked a private coaching session (but not for a week- due to availability), write to ‘ask a coach’, Go for a walk. Will talk to my husband when he wakes.
R I am feeling calmer but not great

This is my chance to practice a strong intentional model under difficult circumstances isnt it?!

C 3 staff have not signed the new employment agreement
T it will all work out in the end
F calmer
A breathing easier, shelve the topic now until I hear back from the HR co. Concentrate on another task. Go for a walk. Go to work. Be respectful to staff.
R Have a settled, calm day with a plan for a response by the end of the day.

If you have any advice on how I could work through this better with my model or otherwise it would be appreciated.