Partnership Question

I made 2 models about my business partner and I don’t know if my intentional model is on track and also how to not let what my business partner says or does impact me so much.

I don’t like being in this stage of not feeling fully “all in” on the business my partner and I have together because I still question if having a business partner is ultimately what I want long term. I thought it was but now I’m unsure. I go back to and forth with reasons why and reasons why not.

C: Business parter
T: I disagree with my business partner often
F: uncertain
– get easily irritated by business partners actions and comments
– disagree with on topics like what makes a good purchase for our business, how we speak to our clients, expectations we set
– worry about offending my partner
– feel sorry for myself about all the work I am doing
– stay up late to see if he answers my messages
– ignore the tasks he gives me that I interpret as lower priority
– feel hesitant to promote the business
R: continue with our business together with hesitation and resistance about wanting everything my way

C: Business partner
T: I don’t have to have it all figured out right now
F: Curious
– do what is on my to-do list like taking the next steps in client delivery
– Go into our meeting about setting more criteria sharing what has been on my mind and possibly share how I am not entirely sure I want to have a partner
– Understand that I don’t have to be triggered by what he says and I can simply allow my feelings to come up and be compassionate with myself
– continue with booking clients for my other business (my own business)
– Ask him why he’s in this partnership and see if it resonates with my reasons
– learn how to be okay with him being upset with me (idk how to do this)
R: continue with our business together and be open to having disagreements and some things I’ll have to compromise

Any feedback is welcome! Thanks