How can I figure out when it is time to end a biz partnership or not?

I’m having some indication that perhaps my 8 year partnership in my business has run its course. Our revenue has declined significantly and I’m all-in on taking massive action to rebuild. My partner says she is too, but her actions do not reflect that. Perhaps it’s time for us to go our separate ways. In love, not hate, or frustration or exasperation…

I see that our partnership has sometimes resulted in us using each other as a crutch. Not pushing our own selves. Not being authentic to ourselves because our brand is a combination of us. And our beliefs are different.

I guess I mean – I’m not authentically ME within our brand because its 50% mine. Not 100%. My ideas have to be agreed upon before we execute them.

I also see that I want my partner to be different – work differently – produce more results – etc.

It’s a manual for sure – which in our friendship isn’t fair at all. But in business – if we are just on different pages…. How do I go about making a clear-headed healthy decision on staying in this partnership or not?