Past business failure and going back into business

So before joining Self Coaching Scholars I had, what I thought was a fairly successful business. I didn’t manage it well and ended up with around $60k in debt and had to start back working a normal job again. I’m not able to pay most of that debt back off because I have essentially closed the business. It’s an LLC, but still I’m not sure if I will be personally liable for some of it with the credit cards. So I may have to possibly file bankruptcy. I’ve been doing a lot of thought work around all of this and slowly working through it.

With all that said, I loved being in business for myself and the freedom it gives. I also like my new job and feel like I could be in it for a while. I am conflicted though, I feel like I’m an entrepreneur at heart and love business but also feel like I’ve always wanted to be an engineer and my current job would provide a lot of opportunity in that area. I’ve heard you say that you think everyone should be an entrepreneur. I feel like I really want to be, but because of the past stumbles maybe I should stay away for awhile or completely.

I’ve also been tackling the Money asset as well to try and get better thoughts/habits with business money. I have very little personal debt.

Just want to know your thoughts on this and maybe some advice, thanks so much!