I was on Business QnA yesterday and I start thinking there is more I could be doing but I hear u say FOCUS ON ONE GOAL AT A TIME. I started in Jan and my main focus was weight loss. I’ve lost 30 so far and 25 to go. I do mostly have a handle on it and I’m coming in Aug for coach training (yippee I’m so excited). I have a FB group that has over a 1000 followers and I blog/post daily about my weight loss journey, recipes, etc. I mentioned once on page that I want to be a coach one day. That’s all. My mind said to stay focused on my weight loss and Aug I can shift to building a coaching business. I listen to these calls and my thoughts are “I’m not doing enough, I could be working on website, I could be writing content, etc”. What I’ve worked on is my brain, absorbing everything scs, lots of reading, n listening to ur podcasts, models, n tdl’s. Do I just stay patient and keep doing what I’m doing till Aug or should I be writing content, figure out a podcast, website ideas, niche? I have thoughts for niche but really haven’t nailed it down. Should I be mentioning coach training on my FB group n start with people from my page n do free coaching? I always claimed (past thoughts) that I was a multi-tasked but since listening to u I’ve been practicing patience, discipline, n being more focused on one goal at a time. Thoughts?