Pattern in my business

I have a coaching business. Things are going well and I know that my business has huge potential to grow (I can’t fulfill the demand already).
This is what I “observe” 50 per cent of the time. And then there are some tiny things that happen (e.g. I got a message from Facebook that they restricted my ADs, although I don’t even need and do ADs at the moments, or I have been trying to unsuccessfully outsource production of my podcast), and I fixate on these things so much. I literally start questioning why am I even doing the business (and trust me, I have a good answer, there is no way in the world I wouldn’t do it, I am totally created for it). I blame myself for spending precious time on worrying about the little things that don’t even matter (and I understand that it leads me to wasting more time, every single time). I loved how my husband said in the most loving and caring way, that he is angry with me because my business is already amazing and its potential is amazing too.. but I am spending my time in such negativity, fixating and worrying, all Sunday. I hear Brooke in my head saying “JUST STOP”, and I think that is exactly what I need to hear. Thank you for providing this priceless opportunity to share this pattern here. Any feedback is incredibly appreciated.