Pattern of confusion, indecision and overwhelm: how to handle this + create a clear plan for my business?

Here’s the picture: I have 2 hours to dedicate to my business every day of the week (content creation, strategies, self-coaching, learning, coaching and all of it).  My priority right now is my baby and I do not want to get child care for her at this point, though I will part-time around January.

I have so much on my mind already, so many things I would love to do but it doesn’t fit in the time I have to dedicate to something other than my family.  I wake up at 5 every morning to work out and make my green juice.  I go to bed early and barely have time with my husband (life with a kid).  I have to say no to a lot of things right now, things I would love to do around my business and other areas of my life.  I have to say that I have a pattern of uncertainty, confusion and overwhelm.  I want to do so much all the time, which creates overwhelm and clearly I can’t do it all, so I get frustrated.

I listen to a lot of content (like podcasts while cooking, working out and taking walks with my daughter).  I sign up for programs, challenges, ebooks etc.  I look at other’s people sales funnel when I sign up for those.  I’m looking everywhere for how-to, knowledge, deeper understanding.  I’m obsessed with learning around coaching, mindset, subconscious, emotions.  But I can see there is something else going on here.

I feel like I thought I knew how to create a successful business and how to coach, since I am consuming so much content from everywhere.  Listening to many different people and perspectives (and feeling lost in all of those many ways to do things).  But now I realize, with all humility, that I am not very far in my own business building.  I can say things and think things (like I want to create a multi-million dollar business, have our dream house in nature), but I am far away from those.  My husband reminded me the other night of all of the progress I’ve made, all the changes I’ve made over the last 5 years (grieving my first daughter, heartbreak from this relationship with the father, moving out, starting to work with my brother, doing a 1-year coaching certification, starting to see clients for $60/hour, now I offer a 4-month package for $5000, met an awesome man and moved in together, got married, have another girl, quit my part-time jobs and going all-in on my coaching business).  I say this to help you get more context around where I am at and where I come from.

I have to say that I’ve been working on getting clearer on my brand in the past weeks: who am I talking to, what am I sharing, what do I do, etc.  A lot is moving.

When I was pregnant a year ago, I created an online course with group coaching to help women in the creation of their dream lives.  I wanted to launch it again next month to get some revenue, but I feel very reluctant to do it.  I gave myself space to feel + think about what’s up with that, and here are my thoughts:

– What was I thinking, what is this program, I’m not proud of it, I know so much more now, this is not what I want to share, this is not what I want to be known for (again not proud).  In those thoughts, there is a part where I judge myself a lot and I have high standards.  There is another part where I feel like I’ve outgrown this.  I even have to start watching the videos in my program to remember what it’s about (which I really don’t like doing and feels so boring). I feel like there is little value in those now that I have a deeper embodiment of those teachings.  Big impostor syndrome here as well.

– I would force myself to create this launch to make money.  Then it overwhelms me to think about creating a launch while coaching my clients, content creation, building my business, etc.  And it’s not the right energy to create a launch.

– But then, I go see my sales page and I find it awesome!  And I read the testimonials I received from the first round and every single woman loved it.

– So I wonder if I feel a lot of resistance because this is just not aligned with me anymore, or if it’s my inner-critic that is taking all of the space, or if I should just focus on something else right now.

– So this idea came up. I wonder if I should focus more on going back to the foundations of my business: creating a full 1:1 practice, working on my mindset to create that, getting clearer on what I am good at and who is my dream client (I don’t want to go back in time and offer general life coaching), etc.  I have been doing coaching for 4 years now, but only part-time.  This year is the first time I decided to go all in with this dream, and I have a 10-month old. So there is this part of me who still doesn’t see what I am good at, what messages I should focus on, what I have to offer.  I started as a health coach, moved on to life coaching, and now I am really into life coaching for women who want to create their dream life/business.  Getting clarity around this would be very beneficial for my business and fits in this foundation’s talk. Then, after getting more experience with that and really knowing what I am good at, what my target audience is, I could create a program from here.  I wonder also if I could use that time to think about my strategies, meaning seeing a bigger picture than just creating money right now.  If I’m really serious about this and want to generate millions, what does a CEO need to do in my position.  Like what is her plan of action?  For example, I’ve been wanting to start a podcast for years now.

I decided to go forward with this last thought.  I am slowing down to go back to build strong foundations.  When I sit down to work, I immediately feel confused, overwhelmed and unclear.  I feel like I don’t know where to start, what to do and what to put my energy into.  I don’t know how to create a clear plan.  I feel like there are so many ideas out there, I wonder what I should focus on.

Can you help me have clarity around that?  And also, how do I move away from this pattern of confusion/indecision/overwhelm?  Thank you so much!