Paying Client

I haven’t signed any paying clients in my coaching business. Although I have offered free coaching to 10 people (which I am happy).
My brain keeps telling me that I can never sign paying clients or it is hard to sign paying clients or it will take me time to create paying clients.

There is no issue with that, I think. However, sometimes I just want to give up and I feel so defeat because no matter what action I take, I haven’t signed any paying clients yet. Sometimes, I do believe that I can do this. That all of this is not as hard as it seems.

So constant disbelief and belief is what I am going through.

What could be a useful thought to think for me to be able to make massive action to sign my first client?
I like this thought: Signing first client is the hardest part. If I can figure out how to do this, the rest will be much more easier.

Now I am feeling kind of scared because I quit my job to pursue full-time coaching and that I won’t have money to fund my business any time soon.