Paying for Funneling or do it yourself?

First, we are just growing our business making $500 a month. We are still babies! I have a friend who has started a business where she builds and manages funnels for small business. I really don’t have the money to pay her but I feel like she is offering me such a good deal ( not that I know what a good deal is LOL! ) Her offer is, she will create and manage a funnel for us for a few weeks for Free so we can see how we like it, (that sounds nice) then she is willing to work with me on a price we are thinking $150 a month. As we grow she eventually wants to make $1 for every $4’s I make. Does that sound right?? My hubby says that is way too high. I have no clue. I do like the idea of giving her a try and see how it goes. The other thought is, should we just learn how to do it ourselves or is that a waste of our time? what is the wisest business call? Please help thank you! xoxo