People are cancelling their membership and I’m making it mean that I suck

Hi there awesome coaching team!

I started a membership platform at the beginning of June, Signups exceeded all my expectations, but even back then there was that little voice in my head saying ‘oh you’ll never be able to get people to sign up at this rate’ and ‘they’ll all cancel after a couple of months and you’ll be back to square one’. This month I started to receive the first cancellations and now, at the end of the month, the cancellation rate is increasing rapidly.

Rationally I know that I can never achieve a 100% retention rate, that this is normal, part of doing business, and I just need to go find other people who need what I offer. But my brain is like “SEE??? THIS IS NOT WORKING!!! Just give up already!”

This really isn’t true (I still have lots of happy members) but I’m finding it so hard to believe something more positive and it’s really getting in the way of me producing good content and doing my marketing.

I think this is my model:

C membership (most people stay, some people cancel)
T this is never going to work
F defeated
A procrastinate on marketing and servicing existing membership
R no membership increase

What would be a good thought to replace this one with, which I can believe right now, despite my brain desperately wanting me to give up?