People are just being nice

In one of my thought downloads yesterday, I realized that I have had a feeling of indebtedness in my businesses. Surprisingly, I’ve not made much money off my ventures.

My model looks something like this
C: Business sales, asking for/receiving testimonials
T: People are just being nice
F: Indebted
A: Thank them effusively and still feel anxious like they did me a favor, people-please, downplay my strengths, ruminate, feel guilty, avoid looking at payment record etc more than absolutely necessary, avoid re-reading testimonials even when they are prominently on my site
R: I discount the value of myself and my products and services.I make it a fluke thing that they even bought or gave me a nice testimonial. I have to rely on the charity of others to build my business, like I’m a charity case or something.

Wow! No wonder I haven’t built a thriving business. I rationally know that what I offer is valuable and that I exceed expectations and go the extra mile to provide great service and value, but still have this belief.

The following thoughts feel believable and like ones I might choose to think instead:

People like what I offer and that’s why they bought
I appreciate that my customers are willing to share their experiences
I love my customers
The exchange of value for money is so cool

These thoughts would create feelings of love and excitement, feelings from which I can totally build a business.
Suggestions on my UM as well as implementing/practicing these new thoughts?