People don’t want coaching

Hi coach! I have been having this thought: “People don’t want coaching” for a long time now so I decided to put it in a model, let’s see what will turn out:

C: Coaching with me
T: People don’t want coaching from me
F: Rejected
A: Don’t offer, resent people ahead of time (I know right?!), blame them, blame myself, show up less (if at all), withdraw from people
R: I don’t give a chance for other people to reject me because I am doing it ahead of time

WOW I did not see that before, I literally just saw it as I typed, how funny! Now it makes sense to me that I would assume that people don’t want coaching and hold on to this thought: it is keeping me safe from being rejected by others but not from my own rejection and disappointment. Because if I assume that they do want it, I think it will be so hard and take so much of my energy to work out a business and I am tired already just by thinking about it.

That is likely what I could use some of your amazing input! Thank you.