Perfectionism & Writing

I’m a freelance writer and I’ve been trying to pay attention to the thoughts that come up as I write. I’ve noticed I have many negative thoughts, but this one, in particular, is causing me angst: “This sentence doesn’t sound right.” Another variation is: “This sentence needs to sound better.”

C. Writing an article
T. This sentence doesn’t sound right
F. Frustration
A. Get stuck on editing a sentence over and over, lose focus and don’t think about the big picture, spend much more time on an article than originally planned because I hyperfocus on one sentence, beat myself up for not following my calendar
R. ?

The above model often leads me to think another T “I have no control over my writing”

C.Writing an article
T. I have no control over my writing
F. Hopelessness
A. Avoid writing, wait for inspiration to strike instead of following calendar, don’t write an outline for article, give up on article, buffer with social media and email
R. I don’t take control of my writing process
R. I find more evidence for my thought that I have no control over my writing

I think I’m indulging in perfectionist thinking here. Could you help me out?