I’ve never identified as a perfectionist in my business or personal life.  I thought I subscribed to Brooke’s B- work philosophy and in a lot of ways I do.  But over the past few months I’ve noticed that when I’m “putting myself out there” I want things to go just right.
– no tech issues on webinars
– perfect lighting
– lots of people show up to webinar live
– people buy my course
– my sales page doesn’t get published until every single edit is complete
– I re-read copy
– I think about how I can make my sales page better, even if learning the new tech is time consuming and not a good use of my time…

So, maybe I do have quite a bit of perfectionist tendencies.  I just call’ it something different…”right and wrong”.  I’ve noticed particularly with an upcoming launch I have the sales page COMPLETE and yet I could make it better.  I’d have to learn more tech, study, edit, perhaps hire some help or work late nights to make it fit into my schedule, but technically I could do more.  I feel like I’m not sure what I want to do here… strive for the “A” sales page?  Continue to improve it, or challenge myself to go forth with my current sales page which is B- work.