Perfectionist Fantasies

I am a newly certified coach (Aug 19) and am indulging in tons of confusion, overwhelm, etc. I keep creating goals in all areas of my life and feel like I’m going no where. I’m creating lots of plans and watching way more than my share of coaching. I am listening to lots of self-help podcasts and books. I’m in the Entre track and want to create a business, but I’m just so stuck. I feel like I can’t get going because nothing I do feels worth celebrating. I’m really used to beating myself up and never celebrating wins. Creating impossible goals is more like a hobby than a real commitment at this point. I am being coached twice a week in Entre and seperately. I’ve also considered buying 2K for 2K, but I’m trying to restrain myself because I don’t want to just keep buying programs without using the one’s I’ve already invested in. Totally living in passive action world right now.

So, all this inaction, the thoughts that nothing is good enough… it creates no business. Obviously.

I also have this goal to declutter my bedroom and can’t seem to even start. It’s ridiculous. I feel like I should have this figured out by now and feel super lost coaching clients, even though that’s what I love, because I feel like such a mess myself.

Not only is my self-value super low, but I also have lots of scarcity thoughts surrounding money which also hold me back from investing in more childcare time so I have toddler-free time to work on my biz.

I feel so lost with thought work too. I feel like all the thoughts I try on don’t fit because my brain is so used to deep negativity that anything slightly neutral or positive feels foreign.

I’m super concerned about taking the “right” actions and doing things excellently. Perfectionism is ruining everything.

What the heck should I do? Give me all the tough love and action items (I know we don’t coach on the action line, but I feel like that’s my problem– no action)