Personal Development

I market my Self as The Inevitability Coach. That is I help people to make the things they want to happen in their life Inevitable. What I am discovering, is that the deeper I go into coaching, the more apparent it is to me that the whole thing is about Personal Development and, what I now call, The Art of Self Discovery. Self Discovery is the be all and end all. When I hear people say, ‘I don’t know why I did that’ or ‘Why do I keep doing that’. It signifies that the don’t know themselves, because if they did, and what they were doing was good, they’d be able to keep doing it or do it better, and if they didn’t like what they were doing, they’d be able to stop doing it. Self Discovery underpins everything we do. It forms the basis of who we believe we are and what we believe we are capable of doing/being in the world. Without an intimate knowledge of Self, we can easily become attached to the idea that who we are is who we have always been and who we will always be.
I believe that Personal Development is the Tool upon which The Art of Self Discovery lies. I’m identifying these four elements as Personal Development areas.
1/ Thinking – That is understanding how you think
2/ The Brain – That is understanding some basic brain functions
3/ The Mind Body Connection – That is understanding how the Mind and Body are inextricably linked
4/ Personality Tools – That is an understanding of how our personality has been shaped and developed.

I want to use the CTFAR Model as one of my Thinking Tools, do I need to ask Brooke’s permission? Or is there a fee that can be paid to use it?

I intend to market my Self as the ‘goto’ guy when it comes to Personal Development and The Art of Self Discovery.
I welcome any and all feedback!