physician niche

I am a practicing full-time physician, and I dream of helping improve the healthcare system (big vague goal that helps keep me motivated), and am enrolled in TLCS coaching certification program right now. I’d like to coach physicians who want to change the healthcare system.

I could see some physicians might sign up who are functioning great in their job but want to “make time for” or “dream bigger” to help make changes–i.e. forming a group of docs to get on one page and be vocal about what we see happening in the system, getting more politically active, running for political office themselves, etc.

I could see some physicians sign up desperate for change in the health care system due to their feeling completely burned out and at their witts end, thinking the system has to change for them to not feel that way (boy do I have news for them 🙂 ).

And everything in between.

I would love to help in all these scenarios.

Does this sound narrow enough a niche?

Thank you!