Picking a Business Model and finding your first clients when you start from 0 (without a list/followers)

I watched Brooke’s business model video in How to be an entrepreneur.

I am starting my new coaching business from scratch: I do not have followers, an email list or anything.

I do have a goal of 100K in year 1. In order to reach this number my question is:
– start with a smaller product (asset), lower price, sell to a larger number of buyers (e.g. $250×100 clients per quarter)
– or start with a bigger product (more expensive) (e.g. 2500×10 clients per quarter)

In both cases, it still means I’ve gotta find quite a few clients, and I currently don’t have any list/community/followers.
I should say I did start an instagram page 6 months ago that’s not getting any increase in followers — probably not reflecting my niche enough yet and will work to improve this.

Should I focus on delivering value for free to build my list/community — but then how long do I wait until I start making offers? (+ I already started a podcast, but it’s not being seen/listened to except by my own friends :D)

Should I forget about my 100K goal and start super small like 10K?

Thank you!