Picking a niche later vs now

Hi, I’m wondering if it’s okay to start life coaching in general and then pick a niche later on (if needed) once I see what type of clients I’m able to bring on. I was originally thinking of targeting to only South Asian Women or First Generation Immigrants, but I want to be more inclusive. I know thought work can be so valuable for everyone. Here are the models I’m working on:

C: Starting a coaching business without a niche
T: I can service more than only one community
F: Feel empowered
A: I create programs that are general and also sub-programs specific for people of color (including south asians), try things to see what works best
R: I start a business in the way I think it may work best in the beginning but know I can change it as needed

C: Pick a niche
T: Not sure I can easily rebrand myself to start a new niche
F: Overwhelm
A: Spend a lot of time debating what the right niche should be
R: I get in my own way of moving forward