Picking between 2 businesses or do both?


I have had 2 very different businesses in my head, heart and life for the past 18 months. I’ve spent most of that time in indecision around these and trying to get each one perfect before I do very much or move either one forward. You can imagine that hasn’t worked out great:)

I’m at a point where I just want to decide, and in the past week or two I’ve decided to do BOTH. But then this is where my thoughts go…(I know I don’t have neat and tidy models yet; I feel like getting the jumbled thoughts on paper for someone else’s outside perspective will be very helpful.)

Business 1:
It’s an apparel company that taps into my love of a specific state and is not necessarily something that I need to make my life’s work. It’s a pet project that might make a few thousand dollars and I *think* I’d be happy with that result, feeling like I gave it a chance and got it out into the world.

HOWEVER, this small and niche apparel line of 2-3 items was a spin-off of an original idea of something much bigger and much wackier that even though I LOVED it, I’ve had a hard time articulating even to myself. And even when I just DECIDE to make it a specific thing I still feel confused. Like it’s this very cool thing that COULD exist but I have to understand it before I share it/market it/sell it. And I don’t understand it, so then I decided to just do apparel but I feel like I’m selling the original creative vision in all it’s audacious and wacky glory short and I’m just looking for the easy route by doing just apparel that makes mention to the original idea. The original idea would require some really powerful marketing and because it’s been hard to describe even in my own brain, I don’t think I can pull it off. Or if I even try, it would need to be my main thing. It’s abstract enough that it doesn’t tie into Health, or Wealth, or Relationships except maybe loosely to relationship-with-self.

So what do you do when you have a loose idea but you don’t even know WHAT the business is that you’d be building? I get not knowing the HOW, but what if the WHAT is vague to yourself? I also get that I get to CHOOSE and DECIDE, but what if it’s a passion/dream project that I haven’t been able to define into a business yet??

Business 2:
This business is a money coaching program for divorced women. And involves printed materials (halfway ready to be produced), an ebook (I have it drafted, just need to tailor it specifically for this audience), webinars and 1:1 coaching. This is the business I could/want to grow and really make into my thing, but hesitate to focus just on it and totally shelve Business 1. I feel like I owe it to Business 1 to give it a chance and not sit on it anymore especially when I think I could have it up in the wild for sale within a month and then relax on it since that’s not really where I hope or plan to make my millions.

Thoughts on doing both at the same time?? I really think I could be happy getting shirts and bandanas designed and listed for print-on-demand on the site I already have largely built, a few posts to my IG followers and spreading the word to family and friends and feel like I’d met a big goal of getting a product out into the world for sale, and have done something with giving that dream a chance. Then being able to peacefully move forward full-steam into Business 2.

It’s not lost on me that the way I wrote about Business 2 is much clearer than all the words I used to write about Business 1:) Probably some work for me to do around why am I holding on so tightly to it and what would it be like to let it go, but any other advice and prompts you can offer about all the above would be so fabulous. Thank you!