Pilot Program Launch

I just got certified in March.
My goal right now is to sell my 6-week pilot program to 7 more people for $150 each.
I’m marketing to badass Latter-Day Saint millennial women who feel stuck in anxiety and overwhelm.
It includes a 55 min private coaching session weekly + a weekly lesson via video + workbook.
I really want to be coaching 10 people right now.
I have 2 current clients, and have one sign up for the program, so that’s how I did the math to get 7 more.
It’s called the Anti-Perfectionist Bootcamp and I’m excited to share it more!
I’m offering a money back guarantee and making my offers via email list (58 people) and Instagram (425 people).
I started selling it 6 days ago.
I was wanting to start everyone’s sessions next week and think this made up end date is also causing me to feel rushed.
I’m thinking that I should’ve offered it for free now so I can fill it faster.
I’m thinking the price is what’s keeping people from signing up, but have no proof of that.
I’ve offered it once to my email list so far and 8x on Instagram.
Should I make it free?
If so, should I refund the one person that signed up already and paid?