Pivot my business or stay committed?

I am in my second year of a financial business. My first year I broke even after spending about $20,000. This second year, I added b2b consulting in addition to client work and will generate approximately $90k in revenue/$50k in profit. My financial goal this year was very low – just make a profit – so theoretically, I have already reached it.

My question relates to the next stage in my business. Now that I have some more information/data, I want to move into the direction of speaking/authorship. I have a fantastic brand and would love to reach more people through media and content creation rather than building up my 1:1 client work. It’s more scalable, plus I think it’s where I have more talent and passion. My impossible goal is to get a book proposal accepted by early 2019 and launch a podcast to generate a larger audience so I can get more speaking gigs and media exposure.

Fortunately, I also have money saved so I can sustain myself no problem if I decide to pivot. I plan on keeping my current income the same with the same number of clients and b2b consulting, but instead of marketing to new clients, focus my energies in Q3/Q4 on writing a book proposal, pitching, speaking, etc.

My “problem” is that the minute I decide this, I feel good about it but then it quickly turns negative. I hear a voice that says that I am self-sabotaging and changing direction on something that seems to be working. I also worry because the speaking/authorship route is a longer play in that, even if I make that my goal, typically one does not get published or make enough income off of it in in the first few years. The voice says that I have an upper limit issue and need to stay where I am instead of going to chase another shiny object. That voice inside me takes that initial excitement and squelches it into self-doubt and a belief that I should focus in on generating more income and client work.

My question may be more of a life coaching rather than business coaching question in that I don’t know which voice to trust – the one that says “Go for it!” or the one that says “Beware, shiny object!”

Any suggestions? Just choose and decide?