Playing at business as a buffer?

I think I’m using my business as a form of buffering. Although I like to think I take my business seriously, I’m constantly changing my mind at what offers to put out there and not actually doing the things that feel hard (like do webinar slides, although I have done a webinar without slides before which got a 2.5% conversion rate on a $997 offer but then I haven’t done another one 7 months – which sounds ridiculous when I say it out loud). So not even making offers and not making money. I made $25K last year with it.

I like to go to coffee shops and work on my business and do online learning all day long. I don’t feel productive although I do feel like I’m working. I obviously can’t do that right now and I’m a single mom to a 4.5 year old, so I’m having to be really focussed in the time I do have (either at 5am or 8-10pm), which is highlighting how I’m not actually ‘producing’.

I have enough money coming in passively (I have rental properties) that my basic bills are covered. But I want to make some money to do more things like holidays with my son and to feel safer (I realize that’s a thought and money won’t change it) and to also pay off some debt.

I’m just not doing the things that put me out there. I don’t want to be seen to fail or get things wrong. I know not putting anything out there is pretty much the same as ‘failing’, as I’m not making any sales.

I’ve tried thinking of putting something out there as an ‘experiment’ and giving myself the feeling of ‘focused’, which works for a bit but then I feel there’s too much to do and I want to get it all done in a day (a new webinar, a funnel, ads, emails, a website, the list goes on – I know how to do all these things, I have all the knowledge, I just don’t ‘do’ them ) and then I indulge in overwhelm. I just want to make myself do the things I don’t want to do – the ‘follow through’.