Podcast Topics & process

Hi Brooke! Could you talk about how you select/determine your podcast topics, and how far in advance you decide on this? My thinking is that in a podcast, you want to get an audience familiar and comfortable with me (know, trust, and like), while also providing some super great value related to your work. But at the same time, you don’t want to make it a step-by-step training, like you would in an actual course you’d sell.

Did you plan out in advance what topics you want to cover from your course(s) and then write down a few points to hit and then just talk about it? Do you plan out some sort of sequence in advance? Or do you use this the other way – pick some topics you think may create interesting trainings and then use the podcast to see which ones are most popular and create a course from that? And in how much detail do you plan out what to talk about? Finally – any resources you’d recommend on how to create a great podcast?

Thanks so much!