Possibility formula

Hi there, I’m doing the Possibility Formula and answering the 3 Questions, yet I can’t pinpoint how to answer the question 2: How do you want to create value?

I’m a book publisher and twice a year we publish a new book. Every book focuses on new places and mixes up poetry, film photography and interviews with people doing great things whether they’re famous or not.

We already have customers and make regular sales. There are two different profiles of people buying the books so I know also who I’m making this for.

Yet, I can’t name the value they get from it, as it’s something you buy for pleasure. There’s no business promises or life changing promises such as “you’ll loose weight”, “you’ll make X amount of money”. It’s just a very beautiful series of books, carefully done, that’ll allow the reader to discover new things and have pleasure while reading.

Somehow, I can’t put it in one strong statement, it feels “too modest”. Could you help? Thanks a lot!