Post Trauma Dilemma

I’m a fairly new coach accredited via the ICF. My training does include NLP, neurocoaching and hypnotherapy.

The niche fits within a health box primarily. I began with was coaching woman on managing toxic stress and anxiety. Whilst running my first group programme, I discovered that the majority of my clients’ stress, anxiety, and/or mental ill health stemmed from emotional/psychological trauma, whether it be acute or complexed. I am a mental health social worker by profession so dealing with the aforementioned issues isn’t foreign, and my clients all said they learned and are able to implement a lot.

Now, as part of my niche refining process, I would like to focus on supporting women struggling with post traumatic stress and anxiety without the need for continuous toxic medication or years of regressive therapy. I myself had experience trauma in my childhood and adulthood. I found my own recovery path and have since changed the thoughts about the experience/old story, so that it has no bearing on my life in a negative capacity. In the here and now, it serves only as a lever to understand models that my clients have better.

However, I’m not sure if this niche would work? I sometimes feel that the word trauma can repel people because it can be seen as scary. Or something that should be only linked to a therapist space. I disagree.

I’m wanting help to word this niche and offering better so that it is compelling for women who it speaks too. I would want them to feel safety in a space where post traumatic growth and all the possibilities that it can bring including financial freedom is the focus. In my opinion there is definitely a place for trauma informed coaching.

Please can you help me with this?