Post Trauma drama

Hoping for some insight around this niche area please.

The niche I began with was coaching women on stress and anxiety. Whilst running my first group program, I discovered that the majority of my client’s stress, anxiety or/and minimal mental health stemmed from past trauma, whether it be acute or complex.

I am a mental health social worker by profession so connecting and dealing with clients with the aforementioned issues isn’t foreign tome. My clients for my first group all said they learned a lot and are able to implement a lot of the strategies learnt on the program.

Now, on evaluation of that program, I would like to focus on supporting women struggling with post-traumatic stress and anxiety without the need for continuous toxic medication or years of regressive therapy.

I myself experienced trauma in my childhood and adulthood. I found that psychotherapy was not really helpful and actually left me more often than not retraumatized again and again. I found my own recovery path which included coaching and have since changed the thoughts about the experience so that it has no negative bearing on my life in the here and now, going forward. What it brought me was a way of transcending the trauma so that I uplevel my resilience and move into post trauma growth.

My uncertainty around the niche is that I’m not sure if this niche would work? I sometimes feel that the word Trauma can repel people because it can be seen as scary.

I’m wanting help to word this niche area better so that it is compelling to the women who is wants to move beyond her past trauma and thrive. I want them to feel safety in a space where post traumatic growth and all the possibilities that it can bring include financial freedom, impact, and influence.

In my opinion there is definitely a place for trauma informed coaching.

Please can you help me with this?