Practicing new beliefs

I am a full time coach and have been working toward practicing new beliefs. Yesterday I did a lot of thought work to get into the new belief that 2 people are ready to book a consult right now. I showed up as if that were true, making offers, following my schedule, and so forth. One person booked a consult right out of the gate which was super fun and I got so excited. But then I realized it wasn’t actually a consult it was someone that I met online that wanted my advice and I told them to snag a spot on my schedule that I forgot about.

Anyway, last week was super active on my email and social. This week it is like it came to a screeching halt. Nothing. Crickets. I tried to stay in belief but felt impossible because there was so much evidence that it wasn’t working. And I spent the rest of the day going between trying to believe it’s working and omg, nothing is happening, nothing is working.

I know its always the thought causing the problem and I guess this is the part that is stressing me out a bit, lol. If It’s always just a thought, what’s the point in submitting to ask a coach. I know the problem is that it’s my thought that is causing the problem, so I’m just curious to see if there’s any insight to be gained here. Like I know the thought “It’s not working” is what’s causing the problem, yet it keeps coming up even though I know it’s a problem and I’m trying to change/fix it.

Any advice?