Preparing for coaching session

Hey Brooke and SCS team! I am a new life coach, and finally started networking and making offers. I recently had a mini session with a potential client and she asked a lot of questions about what each session would entail, what she will get out of sessions and how she will achieve results. I got really tripped up over her questions because I do not have an actual 12 session plan in place ie: what each session will entail and what she will get out of each session. After discussing this with my husband, he suggested coming up with a concrete outline of what we will discuss on each call and how she can achieve results working with me. He also suggested coming up with worksheets ahead of time on different topics. Well, now I feel overwhelmed and like I jumped the gun with my launch and starting to make offers. I also posted in a FB group on a post that related to my niche, and received no response… which I know isn’t a big deal, but I am already feeling discouraged and unsure of myself. My question is: As a new coach, do I need to have a clear structured plan for each phone session that I can provide to clients ahead of time, do I need to create a variety of content/worksheets to provide to clients? I feel confused and not as excited as I did when I was preparing to launch, and of course now I am buffering and avoiding work.