Preparing to launch!

I’m on the countdown to the start of Coaching Certification (Sep class). I am SOOOOO excited!
I have two questions, for now;-)!

1. I have always had lots of thoughts and ideas/lessons that I want to incorporate in my business, that I knew I would start when the time was right. I get SO excited about them in the moment. And then, I forget them! Or if I am able and I jot a note down, I might look at it later and I can’t remember all the amazing thoughts I had that went along with it! I know Brooke talks about having a “thinking day” (that might not be the exact terminology she uses), and that would be convenient IF all the ideas came flooding in on demand. Do you all have any tips on how to manage (and remember) all the ideas that may come at “inconvenient” times?

2. I am putting the cart before the horse here, but as I am brainstorming my biz, I keep having a thought and would like to know how others handle it (I know it’s ultimately my thoughts and choice, but would love to know if/how others might handle this).
I am developing my own “vantage point” of coaching women to better their lives. All of us in here know that the model is everything! We have and are learning that all the things lead back to a line. So, I am struggling with how to be able to charge more than $300 monthly and add more value than just telling everyone to join scholars! I TOTES believe in “me” and the vantage point I am creating, but still question this.