presentation to offer services

I have been asked by an amazing law firm to do a lunch and learn to explain my new business and services (coaching through high conflict divorce)at the end of October. My goal is to be up and running by Nov. 1. I see this as a great potential source of clients and I plan to take this lunch and learn presentation to other firms.

1. do you have any suggestions for my presentation to make it really compelling and special?

2. I am feeling confused about billing clients – especially if it is in advance. Should I bill for hourly coaching or offer a package that would be for 4 or 8 weeks of support and teach them the program that I created that takes them through 6 elements of dealing with high conflict divorce? Do your successful coaches do both types of billing?

3. How do I know what is reasonable to charge?

Trying hard not to indulge in overwhelm/confusion.