Pressure Related To Client Results

I recently had a client that requested to end our coaching relationship 2 months early (it was a 6-month weight loss coaching program). I am a Sugar Cravings Coach and was helping her eat sugar-free so she could lose weight, stop thinking negatively about her body, and stop having gut issues. However, the client sent me an e-mail saying that she didn’t want to work with me anymore and that she didn’t think eating sugar-free was for her. Ever since this relationship ended, I’ve been having a lot of mind drama about my current client results. I have six 1-on-1 clients currently, and I find myself being very needy and anxious when it comes to “making sure” they get results. I find myself texting them more often, telling them to send me progress photos, and wanting to ensure that they’re losing weight. I want to be able to coach them from a place of neutrality and hold space for them, but I find myself so focused on wanting to make sure they are having results. I know that their results are their responsibility, but I can’t help but think that they came to me as a coach because they need help with results… and I’m making it mean that if they don’t get results, I’m a bad coach. What should I do to interrupt this thought process? I feel so stuck in this loop. Thank you so much!