Price of Product

A friend commissioned me to create a painting for her.
I agreed to do it and worked diligently to create it.
I didn’t discuss the price for the commission upfront.
I felt embarrassed to talk about the cost because I was uncertain what to charge.
I completed the painting.
Decided what I wanted the price to be based on hours of work (rate) and cost of material.
Friend texted me and asked the price.
I responded with price I decided.

C: Texted friend price of the painting
T: I shouldn’t have asked for so much.
F: Insecure/ashamed
A: Wrinkled up my face, stood up from my office chair, breathed deeply, rubbed my face repeatedly with both hands, groaned, hid my face with my hands, talked to my husband, turned my cell phone face down on my desk

I need some help on the result for this situation. I also would like help with creating a new thought around this that encourages me to feel great for asking for what I want.

Thank you