How do you know when the pricing is right for your audience? Do you include price ranges in a survey to email list? I don’t do coaching for my business but I have recently increased my membership price and want to increase it once more on launch to reach my goal of at least making $1,000 before my one year mark. I had really hoped it would have been $100k, but I had so much to learn technology-wise and juggling FT job, childcare, and wearing all the hats. I currently charge 14.99 and want to get it up to $29.99/month from my small email list of 189, at least 40 of them are likely to convert based on open/click rate and sign up forms. I’d eventually like to be making 8,000 a month. That’s all, so I can quit my corporate job and transition to doing that full time. I don’t need a lot of people, nor do I want a whole lot of people right now. All I need is the $8k/month.