Pricing Drama

Hi –

I am ready to price my membership program. I need to choose a monthly price and an annual price. I’ve heard on some of Brooke’s business coaching calls that the price should be what you actually think it’s worth – the value. The issue is that I am still working on my beliefs about my membership (I frequently have thoughts like “nobody will want this” or “it’s not good enough yet”). When I am in a good headspace, I feel like I see the value of the membership – and I think the monthly price should be in the higher range. But then at other points in the day (when I’m frustrated with something I’m working on or tired), I switch back to thinking the monthly price should much lower. My question is – how do I determine the actual value when my negative beliefs are in the mix? Do I need to believe in the value first – and then price it from that place? Or just choose a price and then work on my beliefs about the membership to trust it’s worth whatever price I choose? Thank you!