Pricing for pilot program

Hi Brooke,

I was at your amazing training in May.

I’ve been a coach in my niche for a few years and have great testimonials etc from my clients but much of what I’ve done has been to coach them on the A line.

I’m working on putting together a program based on what we’ve learned (in SCS and LCT) and am about to offer a mini version of it to my email list (about 2000) at a discounted price for July. I’m getting hung up on how much to charge. I do want to fill 10 spots quickly so that I can get more practice and also fulfill the certification requirement. I’ve told them that there’s going to be a discounted pilot program and I have a short early bird waitlist.

Normally I charge $149 for a single session (with a discount for those who buy a package of six). I’m only aware of one person in my niche who charges more than this. I plan to raise prices for 1:1 coaching as well as my group program by the end of 2018.
I’m concerned that if I offer the pilot program for too little that people will not want to pay higher prices in the future (i.e. hold out for another discount opportunity). I definitely don’t want to offer to do it for free.

C-pilot program pricing
T-If I charge too little now they won’t pay more in the future and if I charge too much I won’t fill up 10 spots quickly
A-Don’t make a final decision ahead of time
R-? Right now, no price decision (not sure how this connects to T)

C-pilot program pricing
A-Choose the right price
R-10 people fill up pilot program within 48 hours (I’m not sure if this can be my R or not as it is dependent on what other people do)

I’d like your help with the model for better thoughts but would also appreciate your business perspective on what a fair rate would be! I’m going to offer three sessions, valid only in July, and want the price to be a no-brainer bargain for those who want in but not low enough to put off premium customers in the future. To throw a number out there, $199 for three sessions? Too low/too high?
Thank you for all you do Brooke!