Pricing is too high

Should I lower my pricing?

I charge $2,500 for a 3 month package. 4,400 for 6 months. I’m struggling to get consults. And when I do, people either show up and just want a free consult. Or they ask what my pricing is and then when I tell them they disappear off the face of the earth. Or they cancel before we even talk.

I’m providing value ahead of time. I am trying. And I’m trying to not be creepy. Just make offers to help. Lots of people are thanking me for the value I am providing. But I’m getting so frustrated. Like I may never make money from this and that no one will be willing to pay for my coaching.

I coach people struggling with bulimia through recovery. Maybe my audience can’t afford my coaching because they tend to be a little less functional and maybe, therefore, don’t make as much money. I can’t afford that pricing so who am I to charge that?