Pricing Q’s and thank you

Brooke, thank you thank you thank you for all the AMAZING content you put out. I love all of it. And I love the new app.

OK – a couple of questions around pricing my program.

It’s a 16 week weight loss program with weekly videos and weekly 45 minute 1:1 coaching calls.

I was thinking of offering it for $5,000, but if they commit on the initial call, then a fast-action price of $3,500.

Q1: I’m a brand new coach. I have coached pro bono as a general life coach, but I’m still building and creating my program. Can I command premium pricing when I’m brand new? And my program isn’t even built yet? My first client will definitely get different coaching than my 100th .. I’m sure I’ll improve…I have 5 calls this week with potential clients and I’m not confident in my pricing yet! Help!

Q2: I’m in Canada – but I’m advertising for clients in North America. Do I charge everyone in Canadian? USD? Or charge Canadians in Canadian and Americans in USD?

Thank you 🙂