Pricing strategy

I am starting my own business. Organizing philosophy workshops for kids (mainly) and other services. This is innovative.

Everyone tells me it is a great idea, but when they have to take off the money from the pocket, it is another thing.

I charge $12 an hour to attract clients. It worked and I have clients. I know the pricing is kind of low for the service I offer, but if I increase the price, they won’t pay (I tried).

So, I am wondering if I should increase the price and lose clients that cannot afford it and find clients that can pay more (and have 0$ for a while). Or should I keep $12 first and increase the price when I have clients and create my notoriety.

Having clients right now allow me to train myself also and develop confidence as I am new in the field.

Thank you for your answer.

I notice my thoughts here, I am going to work on it. But I am asking here more about business strategy.