Pricing Structure (AA)

Hi Brooke! I have a side business doing photography solely for dogs. My current rates start at $275 for a 60-90 minute session for 1 dog and I charge additional for additional dogs ($50 each), second location and/or an additional hour ($100). I am restructuring my offerings and I am not sure what it would be best. Keep it as is and add as per needed, or have 3 packages which I have outlined below:

-mini session – $175 (mini session)
30 mins
choose 1 of 4 preset locations (close to me)
10 images
*can not add additional dog

-full session – $275 (the dogstar treatment)
60-90 min
your preferred location
20-25 images
can add additional dog $50 each – 8-10 more images per additional dog
*travel fee applies if outside of county

-extra full session – $400 (barking for more)
2-3 hours
up to 2 locations (10 miles from each other)
40-45 images
no charge for 1st additional dog (same household)
travel fee applies if outside of county

I have also started to do events (doggie birthday parties) and with the prices above, I wonder if the events are priced too low?
-event $485 (pawty like a dogstar)
up to 3 hours
includes event, details, pre-event portraits, portraits of attendees
*travel fee applies

Thank you so much!

PS there is my life BB and AB (before Brooke and After Brooke) 😀