Prison Yoga Santa Barbara Budget/E.d. & teacher Salary 2019, & tripling income 2020

So, we are budgeted for 60K this year. We, the PYSB board need to raise 22K this year, the rest is funded with contracts & grants. WOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have i.d.’d donors who have contributed $250.00 plus and will send a letter and follow up personally or vice versa, so we/I am clear we/I need roughly 2K in donations monthly to meet that goal.

I would like to triple my income from 28K.

T: I am tripling my income this year from 28K to 74K
F: empowered/stoked
R: 74K

A: So PYSB sends out a newsletter every month. In newsletter this month, I could offer a free 20 minute one-on-one coaching call on Making a Heartfelt Contribution to the World (how PYSB was started) or a scheduled zoom call where more people could attend. That already seems more impactful. Click on link would provide 3 preparatory questions prior to zoom call.

Now how do I transition freebie into one-on-one coach or group coaching from there ?

A: Looked for paid gigs to public speak about PYSB story?!

So, my question really is how do I triple my income & use PYSB as launching pad….