Private Client Ghosted

One of my life coaching clients abruptly disappeared. She’s in her late ‘20s college student who received coaching as a gift from her mother. The mother paid me directly.

Client and I had been working together biweekly for about 3 months. She was making good progress on her challenge areas. We came to her final session 5 days ago and she was (abnormally) a no-call, no-text, no-show.

I reached out to her mother to discuss session package renewal. Her mom ended up divulging big-time relationship problems with my client as in, she hasn’t talked to daughter since she started coaching with me 3 months ago. When she briefly interacted a few weeks ago, daughter allegedly told her that she’s doing so well she doesn’t need coaching anymore.

I’ve reached out via phone and text to the client a couple times since she missed the session 6 days ago. My calls go to vm and texts left unanswered.

I was and am surprised by this sudden shift as her communication for the duration of our sessions always had quick turnaround.

I don’t know what happened and I don’t know how to proceed. I felt a great connection and I’m now wondering what happened. Is there anything left for me to do here as far as the client/coach relationship and me being a professional in general? Is this a let-it-go situation? Did my client not feel as invested in her coaching because she wasn’t paying for it?

I appreciate your insight into this situation.