Problems with the group calls that I host

I do live group calls as part of my program and I answer questions. Members can talk and share their experiences. I haven’t been enjoying them as much in the last few months. They used to be a super positive happy place for everyone. There has been a change in the members that attend and what used to be very enjoyable for me and them isn’t anymore. I have felt undermined because people are contradicting me, and today one of the members sent me a private message to say it’s annoying when X member is on the call because they talk too much.

Then I think 2 other members were having a bit of argument and one of them left the call early.

C I host a group monthly call

T I don’t enjoy them anymore and I don’t feel I am a good leader

F physically ill… (like I need to lie down or vomit)

A. Phoned my husband to debrief
Wrote here in SCS
Thought of how I can change the format and for future calls, so that its a Q and A with me, rather than everyone being able to talk at any time.

Result. The monthly group calls are enjoyable for me and helpful for my members