Procrastinating because I don’t have a clear step by step plan

I’m a digital marketer and I recently started working with a new client to help them generate more leads. I’m helping them write copy for their service, improve design and generate more leads from Google.

I am noticing I’m delaying getting the work done because I don’t have a clear step by step process for this. And each time I think about this project, I notice I am a bit afraid to work on it because of how it feels when I’m working.

I have done this kind of work and got results for my clients with this before, but I’m stuck on what to do first, next and noticing that I want to have all the answers and for it to be perfectly organised before I begin!

Here’s what I’ve come up with model wise:

C – Project for P
T – I should have a clear process by now
F – Unprofessional
A – Research processes and templates to use. Review my previous ones I have created. Rework them. Half complete a few of them. Set small timeframes to work on this. Not get deliverables done in time while I work on the system. Move on to other work.
R – Not deliver on time, rush before our meeting, not be in control, client starts to take the lead, increasing feelings of unprofessionalism.

Not getting the work done because I don’t know what to do before I start is a common theme in my life. I’m looking forward to tackling this and cleaning up my thoughts here so I can apply it to this project and expand it to other areas.

What can do to help clean this up?