PROGRAM Content help for new business – Financial Membership – based off your 14 Steps Toolbox

Caveat – I totally know I’m indulging in overwhelm and confusion here….
I have utilised your tools and coaching to recover from an 18 year eating disorder that crippled me about 6 months ago, and I am finally LIVING and THRIVING! So for that – Thank you! X

Now, although this isn’t what your SCS program or Stop Overeating programs were designed for, it worked brilliantly for me – so I figure why not use your 14 Steps Life Coaching toolbox to create my new business venture even though I’m not a Life Coach per se??

I’m a Financial Strategist (trained Accountant) and my Business Model is a monthly membership for training, courses, and ongoing support (it is not a ‘learn everything in 6 weeks’ kind of solution).
So I teach the fundamentals of financial info for the Business Beginner then provide Weekly office hours and Live Training.
I’m struggling with my PROGRAMME content (I’m in New Zealand so we spell weird…).
I don’t want to teach 6 components, but I know there are fundamental components required, just not in a short-term dripped out way…
Do I need a ‘6 (or however many I decide) part programme’ to sell for an on-going membership?
Is it enough to just have a ‘Financial Fundamentals’ course and offer a new training course each month as I go?