Promoting my book and getting reviews

I’ve asked people to be on my Launch Team with the request of writing an honest review on Amazon. I provided them with a digital copy of the workbook for review in advance. In exchange for their review, I’ve promised them several free “goodies” including: the paperback version of the workbook that is currently for sale ( 12.99) a digital version of my first book 7.99, An Audio relaxation meditation, & ready made Facebook posts to make it easy for them to post on social media for 3 days during launch. Some of those people who agreed were also recipients of my giving their support groups a FREE one hour workshop where we used the workbook. They had awesome responses to the presentation. The circumstance is : Some have not followed through with their review ( I already sent them the free book). One wrote a great review but because she used her Work Amazon account that didn’t meet the 50.00 purchase qualifications for a person to leave a review it was rejected. I asked her to submit her great review on her account and she said, I’ll get to it shortly. She has also asked me to do another free workshop.

My Thought download goes like this: C: People who agreed to write reviews didn’t. T: It’s rude and annoying F: mad , frustrated A: Have made several polite requests in writing indicating time urgency because of the SPLASH LAUNCH date starting Jan 14 R: Review not posted.

I feel like there is a disconnect my A doesn’t prove my T, but I’m certainly not going to tell them what I really think! The net result for me is it wastes a lot of mental time and physical time in checking, plus it costs me money to send books to people.

Here’s another model: C: It costs me $8.00 plus time and energy to send books to reviewers T: they should write a review since they agreed to do it. A: I sent a new note saying send me your review and let me know when you posted it on amazon & I will send you the paperback. R: NO response. I keep looking for other reviewers. Do I just let the suck feeling happen? What do I say to the people who want me to do another free workshop? Thanks for your help.